Dr Caitlin Mollica

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Lecturer, Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice

Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University)

Dr. Caitlin Mollica is a lecturer in the School of Justice QUT and a member of the QUT Centre for Justice. Caitlin's research is interested in youth agency and participation, transitional justice, gender, access to justice and human rights. Her primary research considers the engagement of young people with transitional justice, reconciliation and human rights practices in the Asia-Pacific. Caitlin's work draws on international relations, international law, and feminist theories to explore these themes. Her current research examines the relationship between youth-led organisations and donors in the contexts of the international mandate for youth-inclusive peacebuilding outlined in United Nations Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. Caitlin has a PhD in Political Science from Griffith University and an MA in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University. She has worked in the public service and the NGO community. Research Interests
  • youth agency
  • youth political participation
  • transitional justice
  • access to justice
  • gender equity and discrimination
  • research methods

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