Doing Brains Justice

illustration of the brain and law

A panel discussion on the impact of neuroscience and how we understand and respond to victims and survivors in the justice system – 29 April 2021.

About this event

Over the past few decades, there has been an explosion in scientific knowledge of neuroscience, neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity, about the impacts of adversity, insecurity and trauma, including brain injury and impairment, and about healing and recovery. These are vital to understanding child, adolescent, and adult development and life course. They also have important implications for understanding and responding to victims/survivors and offenders in our justice and justice related systems including health, disability, mental health, family support and education. This forum, jointly convened by QUT Centre for Justice and the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership, brings together research, practitioner, service provider, policing, judicial and correctional perspectives on Doing Brains Justice. It also brings a strong First Nations and gender lens.

This seminar will be of value to practitioners, policy makers, researchers, advocates and educators.

You can watch the seminar below: