Publication: Pacific Islands: Spillover threats from transnational organised crime

Danielle Watson

Associate Professor Danielle Watson (pictured) has published an article in The Interpreter, the daily newsletter of the Lowy Institute, titled, “Pacific Islands:  Spillover threats from transnational organised crime.” The article was co-authored with Jay Caldwell (ANU).

“Is the Pacific prepared for a potential spillover of transnational organised crime from Southeast Asia? This question has become more pressing in recent days following two massive drug busts in Fiji, where authorities seized an estimated 4.1 tonnes of methamphetamine. The investigation is still in its early stages, so the suspected source of the drugs has not been made public. Yet with Southeast Asia’s reputation as a hub for organised and transnational crime and proximity to the Pacific, it seems timely to prioritise discussions about spillover effects in the region.”

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Image:  Big busts in Southeast Asia could see crime syndicates on the move (Andry Denisah via Getty Images)