Media: Intimate Partner Violence – Professor Michael Flood

QUT Centre for Justice member Professor Michael Flood appeared in a number of media sources following the release of a proposal that family violence experts would like governments to consider after five women were killed in nine days in Australia.

Under the proposal, men flagged as potential killers would be GPS-tracked and monitored online.  In numerous publications Professor Flood agreed that earlier intervention with men at risk of murdering their partners or ex-partners is “entirely warranted.”

Professor Flood agreed that the focus had been primarily on victims and how they could avoid victimisation, and far more effort needed to be placed on changing young men’s attitudes towards women.

Flood’s research at present is focused in particular on interpersonal violence and its prevention, particularly with reference to men and masculinities. Dr Flood has published widely on topics including violence against women and violence prevention, men and masculinities, pro-feminist men’s advocacy, male heterosexuality, fathering, and pornography. He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing violence against women and building gender equality.

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