The Trusted Enterprise

As our societies and economies are becoming more trust-intensive, the conscious design, management and measurement of trust-aware products, services and business processes is of increasing importance.

In our research, we break down trust into the management of uncertainty, vulnerability, confidence and benevolence, and develop operational, validated practices and principles for these. The newly appointed Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail, Dr Nadine Ostern is exploring how technologies can facilitate new, trusted solutions and with this unlock previously unseen sources of competitive advantage. The Brisbane Trust Alliance is a community of (trust) professionals which brings 40+ executives across multiple sectors together on a monthly base to collectively develop higher levels of trust literacy.


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If you would like to discuss any of our research topics further or would like to engage as a scholar or (research) student, please contact Prof Michael Rosemann, Head of The Trusted Enterprise research team.

For any enquiries regarding the Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail, please contact Dr Nadine Ostern.

If you are interested in collaborating with our trust team as an external organisation, private or public sector, local, regional or international, please contact our team.