SP3-Agile Trust

Research Context:

Trust has become a primary concern for the future enterprise, but there is a limited body of knowledge on how to professionalise the management of trust.

Research Questions: 

How can agile trust be integrated into enterprises?


  • Why should agile trust be a new part of enterprises?
  • What are the elements of agile trust?
  • How can agile trust be designed, operationalised and measured across sectors?
  • How can agile trust unlock new value for enterprises?

Research Scope:

In scope:

  • Trust in data, communication, and decisions
  • Trust of stakeholders in an institution, organisation, its products, and services

Out of scope:

  • Group dynamics and trust
  • Trust between individuals

Research Aim: 

Develop a proactive and dynamic model for agile trust that results in new sources of competitive advantages. This model will facilitate stakeholder engagement in an increasingly trust-intensive environment.



  • Tyge Kummer
  • Amisha Mehta



  • Michael Rosemann



  • Peter Green
  • Martin Obschonka
  • Wendy Scaife
  • Jodie Moll
  • Lisa McManus



  • Louise Baldwin
  • Fahame Emamjome
  • Lauren Fell
  • Andrew Gibson
  • Ellen Tyquin

Actions in 2021:

  • SP3-A1: Launch of Trusted Retail Innovation paper, industry engagement (29 April)
  • SP3-A2: Development of a conceptual representation of agile trust
  • SP3-A3: Develop one-day course for ‘Future Trust Professionals’ (with QUTeX)
  • SP3-A4: Develop a design theory and design principles for trust management

Deliverables in 2021:

  • First model for trust management framework
  • Paper 1 submitted to ICIS 2021
  • Paper 2 submitted to Q1 journal
  • ARC Linkage submission

Industry Partners:

  • Youi Insurance
  • AWS