SP 2- Enfranchised Enterprises

Research Context:

The future enterprise needs to play a role in enfranchising communities.

Research Questions:

What is the role and function of future enterprises in addressing socio-economic enfranchisement?

  • What positions do enterprises currently take with dis/enfranchisement?
  • How and why do enterprises take these positions?
  • How can enfranchisement become part of an enterprise’s value proposition?
  • How might we (re-)design the enterprise and the associated mechanisms to address the enfranchisement challenge?

Research Scope:

In scope: Reframing enterprise value propositions, Enterprise (re-)design, operating models.

Out of scope: political or macro-economic models of enfranchisement

Research Aim:

Create enterprises that are conscious of, willing and able to address the enfranchisement issues that exist all across modern society. In particular, design empowering enterprises that give ‘agency’ and ‘voice’ to stakeholders.



  • Wasana Bandara
  • Artemis Chang



  • Kevin Desouza


  • Louise Baldwin
  • Bree Hurst
  • Glen Murphy
  • Wendy Scaife
  • Anna Wiewiora


  • E Kohinur Aktar
  • Edgar Brea
  • Reihaneh Bidar
  • Araz (Mohammad) Jabbari
  • Alex Williamson


  • Nelby Dayana Garcia
  • Diluxshy Ravichandran


External: Industry Fellow

  • Danielle Duell

Actions in 2021:

  • SP2-A1: C-level executives’ views on enfranchisement
  • SP2-A2: Analysis of current corporate practices towards enfranchisement
  • SP2-A3: Unveiling the structural diversity of disenfranchisement and the role that future enterprise play in this
  • SP2-A4: Conceptual enquiry on the role of digital innovation to enable enfranchisement

Deliverables in 2021:

  • Concept paper: Define Enfranchising Enterprises (program)
  • Report and Media on Current Practices on Enfranchisement
    (A1 & A2)
  • Paper on Current Practices and Future Trends on Enfranchisement (A1)
  • Paper on Typological Framework on Enfranchisement Practices (A2)
  • Paper on ‘The role of digital innovation on addressing the enfranchisement challenge’ (A4)
  • ARC Linkage/discovery submission (A1-A4, A3)

Industry Partners: