SP 1 – Transformative Governance

Research Context: Enterprises will have to transform their governance to thrive in the future, and their future transformations need to be well governed.

Research Questions:

What governance models will the future enterprise require?

  • What are the opportunities and constraints of new governance models?
  • How can governance models be scaled to allow organisations of various sizes to enact or react to change?

What are the structures, processes, capacities and capabilities that enable the future enterprise to co-evolve with social and environmental systems?

Research Scope:

In scope: decision models, digital transformations

Out of scope: organisational culture unless it directly related to firm level governance

Research Aim:

Design efficient and effective governance practices and related design principles that enable rapid decision-making to effectively navigate sustainability and technological transformations and transform our society for good.



  • Dr Luca Casali


  • Marek Kowalkiewicz



  • Belinda Bennett
  • Paula Dootson
  • Ruth Knight



  • Loreto Acevedo
  • Carl Germanos
  • Vibhor Pandey



  • Peter Townson


Internal (QUT)

  • Timothy Graham
  • Kerrie Mengersen

External: MIT

  • Fiona Murray
  • Peter Weill
  • Scott Stern

Actions in 2021

  • SP1- A1: Understand QUTeX TG courses, QUT Entrepreneurship & Executive Master of Bus Admin – how can we link / inform / rebrand / consolidate / expand e.g., local gov?
  • SP1- A2: Identify other researchers and PhD students in this space across QUT and externally – see if they are interested in joining group
  • SP1- A3: Target an external company to work collaboratively on a project in this space

in 2021

  • Proposed new governance model for a type of transformation (‘governance model canvas’)
  • Commercial project achieved (DTIS, METS Ignited or both)
  • Paper submitted to {Entrepreneurship and Regional Development}

ARC Linkage submission
(Data and Decision Science?)

Industry Partners:

  • AICD
  • RFDS
  • METS Ignited
  • DTIS
  • LGAQ