The Algorithmic Enterprise

Algorithms rule our economy today, but how much do you know about them, their quirks, their roles and their potential?

As technology increasingly augments human workers, picking up more and more capability on the way to replacing them entirely, leaders need to get better at working with it. This is more than spreadsheets or email. Algorithms can now sort through pools of job applicants, monitor competitors or employees. Algorithms that can do such routine tasks are increasingly powerful and accessible. Soon many companies will need to lean on such algorithms just to stay competitive, if not get ahead. But there can be unexpected pitfalls if algorithms aren’t managed correctly.

Headed by the Chair in Digital Economy, Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz, this group studies the characteristics and potential of the emerging economy of algorithms, including: business models of algorithmic enterprises; human-algorithm interaction models; governance models for algorithmic enterprises, and; innovation models of algorithmic enterprises.

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