Research themes

The Centre for Future Enterprise seeks to envision and test future enterprises for tomorrow’s real world

CFE’s research is clustered in four themes, each exploring key attributes and the inter-relationships between them, reflecting key areas organisations need to focus on to embrace the future. Directed by a Theme Leader, three of the themes are institutionalised as their own research centres. Entrepreneurial Enterprise is led by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship, and focuses on investigating start-ups, founders and entrepreneurship to identify new capabilities, capitalise on an opportunity-rich environment, and revise mindsets. Digital Enterprise is led by the Centre for the Digital Economy, and focuses on digital maturity and literacy for future enterprises. Social-purpose Enterprise is led by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and focuses on nonprofit organisations, philanthropic foundations and social enterprises boosting their capabilities to deliver to their promise in a connected, global world. Robust Enterprise focuses on the emergence of entire new sub-management disciplines such as innovation management or trust management.

While a new centre, the Centre for Future Enterprise leverages 46 years of collective experience between these centres.