Signature Projects

It is not uncommon for an academic to work on a number of independent initiatives, each of them resourced with a small percentage of the research workload. In order to create a new source of synergies and to benefit from optimised efficiencies, but even more to create outcomes of highest quality and impact, CFE initiated and supported Signature projects. They are ‘Signature projects’ because they represent CFE’s unique, principles-led way of conducting research projects grounded in the capabilities of its four research themes. Signature project are designed to attract academics from across QUT and beyond with a shared
interest, but complementary capabilities across all levels of seniority. They provide an opportunity to conduct research as part of a much larger, global team. As a result, papers and proposals can be co-authored with new academic partners. The topic of a Signature project is an emerging, contemporary phenomenon, and the researchers involved have the chance to create a ‘first mover momentum’ with academic and professional impact. Signature projects address a significant intellectual challenge. They are building assets (e.g. data sets, industry networks), growing in size and aiming for global visibility and impact.