Associate Professor Tyge Kummer

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Chief Investigator | A/Prof Tyge Kummer investigates judgment and decision making under uncertainty. His current research focuses on the measurement and the design of trust as well as the related organisational implications.

Doctor of Economics (Europe Business School)

Dr Tyge Kummer joined QUT in 2019 as an Associate Professor and worked previously at Griffith University, QUT, Humboldt University of Berlin, ESCP Europe, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT Berlin), and Free University of Berlin. Tyge’s expertise combines Information Systems and Accounting. In his research, he focusses on interdisciplinary topics in the area of innovations in accounting information systems, behavioural accounting, judgment and decision making, visualisation, fraud detection and prevention, business process management, and user acceptance. In the past, he gained work experience in the pharmaceutical industry and conducted research projects with industry partners including Woolworths, Australia Post, and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (Germany). Tyge authored books in the area of management accounting and has published in journals such as the Journal of the Association of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Information Management, Information & Management, and Business & Information Systems Engineering. Current projects include experiments to investigate judgement and decision making of accountants and entrepreneurs as well as technical innovations in accounting information systems.