Dr T.J Thomson

Research Staff

Dr T.J. Thomson, SFHEA, is a senior lecturer in visual communication and media and a chief investigator at the QUT Digital Media Research Centre. He recently published “To See and Be Seen: The Environments, Interactions, and Identities Behind News Images” (winner of the NCA 2020 Diane S. Hope Book of the Year Award) and is the 2019 Anne Dunn Scholar of the Year (jointly bestowed by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia and the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association).

T.J. is a chief investigator on the Australian Research Council-funded Amplifying Voices from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Discovery Project ($310,672, 2020-23) and has also received research funding from the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

T.J. undertakes research, postgraduate supervision, and media commentary in the following areas:

  • visual communication
  • visual journalism
  • media production
  • visual culture
  • journalism studies

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Focus and approach

T.J.’s research focuses on how visual journalism is produced—by whom, in what environments, through which processes, and with what results. He also examines visual self-representation on social media and everyday image making. His approach is based on a combination of ethnography (both physical and virtual), interviews, textual analysis, and digital media methods.

His major publications include the following books and articles:

T.J. sits on the editorial board of the journal Visual Communication Quarterly and has, since 2017, also served as its associate editor. He is on the advisory board of the Society for Phenomenology and Media and is also an officer in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Visual Communication Division and the International Communication Association Visual Communication Studies Division.