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Doctor of Business Administration (Alliance Manchester Business School)

After more than 18 years in the industry, ten as a C-Level manager, I decided to become an academic. I have lived and worked in 4 different counties and spend eight years in China as Managing Director of multinational European firms.

My research interests are: International New Ventures; International Business; Strategy; Blockchains; Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

I keep engaging with the industry as a consultant and a researcher.

Additional information

18 Years of Industry experience – 10 Years as a C-Level Manager in the Real Estate and Financial industries.

I have worked in Europe for several years and for more than 7 years in China where I was the Managing Director for European Multinationals.

My research has been following three main areas:

The first relates to Open Innovation and in this field, I have published the following articles:

Gentile-Lüdecke, Torres de Oliveira, and Paul (2020); Torres de Oliveira, Gentile-Lüdecke, and Figueira (2021); Torres de Oliveira, Verreynne, Figueira, Indulska, and Steen (2020); (Torres de Oliveira, Verreynne, Steen, & Indulska, 2021); Verreynne, Torres de Oliveira, Steen, Indulska, and Ford (2020)

My second field of research relates to International Business with the following articles published: Figueira, Torres de Oliveira, Rottig, and Spigarelli (2020); Mukherjee, Torres de Oliveira, and Pore ; Oriaifo, Torres de Oliveira, and Ellis (2020); Ribeiro, Nguyen, Duarte, Torres de Oliveira, and Faustino (2020); Rottig, Muscarella, and Torres de Oliveira (2019); Rottig and Torres de Oliveira (2019); Torres de Oliveira and Figueira (2018, 2019); Torres de Oliveira, Figueira, and Crossin (2021); Torres de Oliveira, Indulska, and Zalan (2019, 2020); Torres de Oliveira, Nguyen, Liesch, Verreynne, and Indulska (2021); Torres de Oliveira and Rottig (2018a, 2018b); Torres de Oliveira, Sahasranamam, Figueira, and Paul (2020); Torres Oliveira, Menzies, Borgia, and Figueira (2017)

Another important field to me relates to the circular economy, blockchain, and leadership with the following articles published: Ajwani-Ramchandani, Figueira, Torres de Oliveira, and Jha (2021); Ajwani-Ramchandani, Figueira, Torres de Oliveira, Jha, et al. (2021); Ribeiro, Duarte, Filipe, and Torres de Oliveira (2020); Ribeiro, Nguyen, et al. (2020); Torres de Oliveira (2017); Torres De Oliveira, Indulska, Steen, and Verreynne (2020); Torres de Oliveira et al. (2019); Torres de Oliveira, Indulska, and Zalan (2020)


My articles also relate to teaching (Moeller, Crossin, & Torres de Oliveira, 2019).


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