Leandro Jesus

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PhD Candidate | Digital Platforms - An Incumbent Point of View

PhD Candidate

M.Sc. Management & Innovation. Currently completing PhD at QUT.

Thesis Title

“Digital Platforms: An Incumbent Point of View”

Thesis Abstract

As a response to the growing relevance of digital platforms, many established, product-centric companies are transitioning to platform-based business models. From these incumbents’ perspective, digital platforms may become a significant threat, but also an opportunity to create new sources of value, in synergy with their existing businesses. By using the automotive sector as a research setting, this research investigates the adoption of digital platforms by these firms, their underlying strategies, and the reasons for success or failure in the product-to-platform transition.

Supervisor Details

Professor Michael Rosemann – Principal Supervisor

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz – Associate Supervisor

Professor Kevin Desouza – Associate Supervisor