Ms Lauren Fell

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PhD Candidate | Quantum Trust: Applying Quantum Theory to Holistic and Analytic Trust Decisions | Lauren Fell is an Associate Lecturer in Decision Science as well as a PhD candidate in the Information Systems School. Her primary research focus is in the area of intuitive trust, particularly in cases where trust decisions cannot be explained by models that assume that humans act rationally. She applies her research in areas of trust in AI, information, and space-related contexts.

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Honours) (Macquarie University)

Lauren works in the research area of Quantum Cognition, with a particular interest in experimental protocol design to test quantum-based models of cognition, as well as the psychological explanations for these results. Specific areas of application are in human trust judgements made in diverse contexts, including first impressions, interactions with information and technology, and in off-earth habitation contexts. Lauren has also been involved in projects investigating the use of virtual reality for people in neurodiverse populations, and has been awarded multiple awards for her work in NASA design challenges. Lauren holds a BA Psych (Hons) from Macquarie University, and has worked in the past in mental health support and UX consultancy. More about Lauren's research and projects can be found here.

Lauren teaches in the areas of Decision Science and Cognitive Information Science in the School of Information Systems, and represents the school on the Health, Safety and Environment Committee.