Dr Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson is a Lecturer in Information Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. Andrew’s primary research interest is in transdisciplinary understandings of fields where people and technology interact, in particular the fields of Human Information Interaction and Learning Analytics. He has developed this interest theoretically in Transepistemic Abduction, a specialised mode of reasoning, and practically in Reflective Writing Analytics. Andrew has initiated open source software projects to support his research work, notably GoingOK, and TAP (Text Analytics Pipeline). He has delivered workshops and talks locally and internationally on Text Analytics, and previously held a position of Research Fellow in Writing Analytics at the Connected Intelligence Centre, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Andrew brings diverse industry experience to his academic work. Originally a secondary school music teacher, specialising in music technology, he has also held positions in IT management, creative production management, and management of a small tech hardware startup. Andrew holds a PhD from QUT in Information Science, a Bachelor degree in Educational Studies, Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, and Diploma in Teaching. He is an active member of the Society of Learning Analytics Research.