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Navigating paradox is of utmost importance for all leaders

Our team draws from deep real-world experience and combine this with insights from the paradox literature and associated business and management theories and frameworks to deliver a range of customised solutions for organisations experiencing paradoxical tensions. Our approach is to work closely with an organisation and its leaders to understand the full context for the paradoxes they are experiencing, and combine practical and academic expertise in development of the approach most likely to be effective to navigate them. We work with decision-makers of organisations across Australia to help them recognise paradox and explore appropriate strategies that address ‘and/both’ possibilities in order to effectively navigate paradox.

We can help you too. 

Fostering a paradoxical mindset is possible, and organisations and leaders can learn how to recognise paradoxes and effectively deal with them. We will work with you to:

  • jointly identify and evaluate specific persisting organisational tensions
  • co-create and select the best approaches to address the tension
  • develop a customised toolkit to effectively navigate paradoxical tensions
  • work with leaders and managers to kick-start conversation on paradox
  • provide customisable support to organisations dealing with paradoxical tension
  • develop and implement leadership training programs to help leaders develop a paradoxical mindset, and
  • help teams build awareness, recognise and navigate paradoxes.

Our team will work with you through the three phases of paradox

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Find out more about navigating paradox by emailing Dr Anna Wiewiora at a.wiewiora@qut.edu.au