The Paradoxical Enterprise

In today’s complex and dynamic organisational environment, decision-makers are increasingly faced with competing priorities and seemingly contradictory tensions, and must take steps to effectively navigate them.

Leaders and decision-makers who can effectively recognise and manage these paradoxical tensions are better able to deal with complexity and with unpredictable conditions and are better positioned to maintain high performance and competitive edge. We aim to equip organisations and leaders with strategies and practical tools for identifying and navigating paradoxical tensions and for evaluating their impact. Drawing from our deep expertise in Management, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Psychology, Information Systems, and Mathematics, allows us to offer a unique perspective on the complex and often conflicting decisions leaders must make.

We do this by offering a duality of focus: on both conducting highly theoretical and conceptual research on paradox and at the same time on operationalising it and on developing practical approaches and tools to help navigate contradictory tensions.

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