Industry Fellows

Centre for Future Enterprise is committed to creating possibility and designing organisations to thrive as future enterprises. We do this in deep collaboration with industry and government partners.

Our Industry Fellows Programs connects esteemed industry thought leaders to the research team and provides a catalyst for mutual exchange of ideas and networks, opportunities for project collaborations, and mentoring to provide industry relevant, real time connectivity between CFE’s research and the real world.

CFE is delighted to announced Danielle Duell as the inaugural Industry Fellow – Purpose, with a specific focus to contribute to Centre for Future Enterprise and QUT  with a social-purpose lens. The first project Danielle will collaborate with CFE on is the QUT Think Tank, exploring when is it ok to invade privacy.


  • Danielle Duell

    Industry Fellow

    Danielle Duell is a business leader, purpose-led strategist and entrepreneur. Her economic philosophy is “for profit and for the greater good” and her vision is for shared value creation to become the dominant mindset of business leaders around the world within her lifetime. Throughout her career, Danielle has worked across...