“Why AI will not replace entrepreneurs” presented by Prof Martin Obschonka, E-Future Enterprise Forum  


 “Why AI will not replace entrepreneurs” presented by Prof Martin Obschonka


The dynamics between job creation and job replacement driven by massive technological change represent one of the greatest challenges of humankind and will shape the future success of society. The presentation will focus on the role of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial people as active agents embedded in these macro-contextual changes. It will discuss the influence of recent advances in AI and big data from a job creation/job replacement perspective. It will highlight the human side of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial processes, and discusses the way technologies affect entrepreneurial people. The presentation will also address ethical issues and a new experiment that is using AI to test the power of AI vs. human experts in detecting entrepreneurship.


Professor Martin Obschonka is a psychologist working in the research fields applied psychology, entrepreneurship, vocational behaviour, economic culture, and social, economic, and technological change. He is currently Director of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Full Professor of Entrepreneurship in the QUT Business School, Brisbane, Australia School of Management and is the Theme Leader for Entrepreneurial Enterprise for Centre for Future Enterprise.

In 2018 he was appointed as International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is Chair of the Academic Committee of the annual ACERE conference (Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange). He is Associated Editor of Small Business Economics and International Journal of Psychology. He is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology, and Management Review Quarterly.

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