New business models as external enablers: The case of digital platforms

Dr Erwin Fielt presents at the CFE Forum…


The digital economy is characterised by a rise of new business models accompanying digital innovations, e.g., platform business models for Apple’s Apple iPhone and App Store or Uber’s ridesharing. After these new business models have been introduced by pioneers and achieved (initial) success, they are often seen as new opportunities for business creation and growth by other firms and in other industries. Generally, this phenomenon is approached with a focus on the firm, i.e., how the individual firm goes through the business model innovation process. In this study, we approach it with a focus on the business model, i.e., what influences the economic and strategic potential of a new business model? We do so by looking at new business models as external enablers, i.e., external circumstance[s] that have the potential of playing an essential role in eliciting and/or enabling a variety of new economic activities by several (potential) actors (cf. Davidsson, 2015). We intend to contribute to (1) business model innovation research by introducing the external enablement perspective and (2) external enablement research by studying new business models as a specific kind of enabler for new insights and contextualisation

About Dr Erwin Fielt:

Dr Erwin Fielt ( is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Information Systems at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. His research focuses on the intersection between business and IT, in particular in particular strategy and innovation with a focus on digital innovation and business models. As researcher and consultant, Dr Erwin Fielt has collaborated with many organizations in different sectors such as banking, insurance, government, consumer electronics, manufacturing, telecom, health care, government, and IT. He has published his research in reputable academic journals and conferences, such as the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Electronic Markets, Business and Information Systems Engineering, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, and the International Conference on Information Systems. Dr Erwin Fielt has supervised 10 completed PhD students, 3 as principal supervisor and 7 as associate supervisor. He has a PhD from the Delft University of Technology and a MSc from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.


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