Managing trust- A design theory and design principles

Dr Fahame Emamjome presents at the CFE Forum..


Technological developments along with socio-economical changes (e.g., COVID-19) have increased the trust intensity of social and business interactions and have created new trust concerns. On the other hand, the affordances of new technologies facilitate new trust opportunities. Trust is one of the well-cited and popular research areas in Information Systems research. However, despite the depth and breadth of knowledge on trust and related concepts, it remains an elusive concept in practice. We know more about what trust is than how to deal with it. Accordingly, in the absence of a prescriptive trust theory, drawing on existing trust literature and the expertise of senior stakeholders from different companies, we develop a design theory for trust, proposing complementary design principles to build trust into the processes of customers’ interaction with a company, considering contemporary trust concerns and leveraging the opportunities provided by new technologies.

About Dr Fahame Emamjome:

Fahame has a background in industrial engineering and systems analysis. She has completed her PhD at the Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology, in 2017.
In seven years of experience in the academe as a Postdoctoral Researcher, Associate Lecturer, Research Associate and University Tutor, Fahame has attained extensive experience in understanding social and business environment, conducting rigorous research and in high-quality teaching. In her research, Fahame has been trying to bridge the world of philosophy and semiosis with more practical aspects of information systems research. She is a deep thinker and enjoys challenging existing research paradigms and methods to create impactful research outcomes.
Fahame is now working as a post-doctorate research fellow. Her current research is on understanding data quality problems in process mining through a social and a semiotic lense.


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