E-Future Enterprise Forum: Professor Michael Rosemann presents "Explorative Process Design Patterns"

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Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) invites all members and the QUT research community to join our fortnightly virtual forum where members of CFE share their current research and engage in stimulating, cross-disciplinary discussion. Program runs every Friday fortnight and includes: 30 min presentation followed by a 15 min Q&A. Open to academic colleagues & PhD students.

E-Future Enterprise Forum

11am-11:45am, Friday 22 May 
Centre for Future Enterprise Director, Professor Michael Rosemann
presents ‘Explorative Process Design Patterns’,
a paper that was recently accepted at the prestigious conference BPM2020.
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The dominating process lifecycle models are characterized by deductive reasoning, i.e. during the process analysis stage problem-centered approaches such as Lean’s seven types of waste are used to identify pain points (e.g., bottlenecks) and defined response patterns are deployed to overcome these. As a result, exploitative BPM has reached a high level of maturity. However, explorative BPM with its focus on adding new value to business processes, lacks an equally mature, deductive set of design patterns. This paper proposes to close this gap by offering seven explorative process design patterns that support the identification of options to create new value from existing business processes. Derived from secondary data analysis, the patterns are presented in a structured way and comprehensively exemplified. Contributing these seven types of process exploration has the potential to help complementing the focus on operationally excellent processes with a view on revenue-resilient business processes.

Professor Michael Rosemann is the Centre for Future Enterprise Director at QUT. He is a Professor in Innovation Systems, and his main areas of research are the management of business processes, innovation and trust. Prof. Rosemann has published more than 300 refereed papers and his books are available in five languages. He used to be Head of QUT’s Information Systems School (2012-2016) and its Executive Director, Corporate Engagement (2017-2018). He is also the Honorary Consul for the Federal Republic of Germany.


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