Dr Anna Wiewiora presents Developing project-based learning capabilities

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Developing project-based learning capabilities
presented by Dr Anna Wiewiora


Dr Wiewiora will present her recent findings from research examining multilevel learning in the project-based context. Anna will also discuss her most latest research focusing on paradoxical tensions affecting large scale projects and ways of dealing with these tensions.


Learning activities are critical to project and organisational long term success. Individuals, projects or organisation can drive these learning activities. Learning on the individual level involves changes in cognition, while on the team or organisational levels, it is manifested in changes in practices. This paper investigates multilevel learning in the context of a global Project Based Organisation (PBO). Using a single in-depth case study, two research questions were examined: (1) How does project learning occur as an interaction between individual, project, and organizational levels in a global PBO?, and (2) What mechanisms influence the flow of learnings between and across individuals, projects, and the organization? A key insight from this research is that global PBOs learn as a system by simultaneously nurturing loosely coupled knowledge networks, connecting these networks across the large geographical spread. In particular, the Project Management Office (PMO) network play an important role in capturing and filtering ideas between levels and between geographical locations. The research found that the transfer of learning across levels is promoted by six mechanisms and activated by three different types of actors: project managers, PMO personnel and senior managers.

In addition to the findings from the research on multilevel learning, Anna will also discuss her most latest research focusing on paradoxical tensions affecting large scale project and ways of dealing with these tensions.

Short Bio
Anna Wiewiora is a Senior Lecturer in School of Management at QUT Business School in Brisbane, Australia. Anna uses applied research to solve practical problems with the focus on building learning and innovation capabilities within complex and time-limited project environments, and investigates this phenomenon on individual, project and organisational levels. She has been a chief investigator for several major research programs totalling over $1.5 million. Anna is currently engaged in four programs of research: (1) building project based learning capabilities; (2) managing paradoxical tensions in large scale projects; (3) developing business and eco-system management tools to support technology adoption in mining; (4) developing the ability to manage uncertainty in project managers.



Start Date: 08/05/2020 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 11am
End Date: 08/05/2020
End Time: 11.45am
Organiser: Centre for Future Enterprise
Enquiries: future.enterprise@qut.edu.au