Think Tank

The CFE Think Tank aims is to answer some of the most wicked, controversial problems faced by enterprises as they approach and shape their future

The ambition is to provide evidence-informed guidance for a global audience and to initiate engagements far beyond the initial outcomes.

Standing on the shoulders of applied research findings; a diverse team of internal and external researchers, thought leaders and impact creators, is coming together over a five-week period to develop models and identify new perspectives that help us to approach these problems with confidence and capability.

Held quarterly, challenges address the needs and curiosity of today’s future enterprises.


Challenge 1:
When should an organisation invade customer privacy?
Dec 2020 – Feb 2021

Privacy is regarded as one of those essential abilities and rights of an individual that deserves to be protected, but this privacy is threatened by organisations that collect, aggregate and analyse data. However, future enterprises do not just seek economic value out of data-intensive interactions.

Data about a customer can unveil insights which might motivate actions to protect the individual despite privacy concerns. A bank, for example, might derive from spending patterns of a customer an addiction to gambling. A car manufacturer is certain that a driver just had an accident in a remote area, and is in need of urgent assistance. A music provider might speculate that a customer has depression based on the music they are listening to. The evidence behind these, fictive or not, scenarios varies, and so does the significance of the insight. Yet they all point to the same ethical dilemma;

Should future enterprises interfere with the life of their customers when their unique access to data provides them with the opportunity?

Our very first Think Tank will investigate this question from various perspectives. We will explore alternative viewpoints in our attempt to derive at a framework which will allow decision makers to contextualise their individual dilemma in search of a definite answer.

The Think Tank will kick-off on Wednesday, 18 November and will run over five weeks. The aim is to deliver a first draft paper by 16 December for broader discussion. The official launch of the final paper including a global media roll-out will take place end of January 2021.

The Think Tank Team




Professor Michael Rosemann
Director, Centre for Future Enterprise




Professor Kevin Desouza
Robust Theme Leader, Centre for Future Enterprise
Professor of Business, Technology and Strategy, QUT Business School




Danielle Duell
Founder & CEO, People with Purpose
Industry Fellow – Purpose, QUT Centre for Future Enterprise




Professor Julie-Anne Tarr
Professor of Accounting, QUT Business School
Chief Investigator, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies



Dr Andrew West
Associate Professor of Accounting, QUT Business School
Chief Investigator, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies




Dr Artemis Change
Associate Professor of Management, QUT Business School
Chief Investigator, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research




Nathan Bucolo
Business Student (International Business and Management)
QUT Business School




Franzi Goetz
Research Assistant, QUT Centre for Future Enterprise

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