Brisbane Trust Alliance, Mar | Trust-Aware Sales: A Collaborative Case Study


Trust-Aware Sales: A Collaborative Case Study

At this month’s Brisbane Trust Alliance, we will be exploring trust-aware sales by analysing a real-world case study with Peter Glodic, President and CEO of Tandm. 

Date: Monday 11 March 2024 | 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Venue: Innovation Central Brisbane, QUT Library, V Block, Room V310 (opposite Merlos), QUT Gardens Point | Campus map

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The case study

Tandm embarked on a journey to develop automation software for the Building and Construction Industry. Specifically, for the Fire Protection Industry to design and document automatically Fire Sprinkler Systems. The goal was to produce software that was compliant with relevant Codes and Standards, produces layouts that are aesthetically pleasing and aligned, does so with the minimal amount of sprinkler heads and completes all of this at a fraction of the time a human would – at present up to 90% time saving. The product (and future features) is disruptive. The market is worldwide. The claims are bold. The outcomes can be amazing. Purchasers are typically technical in nature.

The problem?

Sales. Or lack thereof. The claim is being received as too outlandish by some. Others say “we will wait until others have tried it and you add another feature (automated pipework)”. There are reasons for the lack of Sales, and Trust is not the only reason. It is a component. Gut feeling is its about 15-20%.

NB: The major reason for lack of sales is lack of sales activity, which has (and is) being addressed and is outside the scope of this Case Study

About this month’s Trust Alliance

At March’s Trust Alliance, we’ll be discussing this case study and asking:

  • How do you overcome sales claims, which to the normal or even industry specific person, seems preposterous, even unbelievable?
  • What sales route can be suggested to overcome the reticence of potential customers to buy – from a Trust perspective?
  • How do you raise sales by increasing Trust in a demonstrable manner – what are the specifics you need to do? Expressed another way interestingly: How do you raise Trust and therefore increase sales in a demonstrable manner?
  • What do you believe is the glue that ties people’s beliefs into trust-aware Sales?

Want to be prepared?

Watch the introduction to Tandm

Watch the Tandm demo

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Meet your speaker

Peter Glodic is the President and CEO of Tandm. For close to three decades, Peter has worked at every level of Fire Protection and Fire Safety, both in contracting and consulting, from hands-on to leadership roles. Peter is a tireless advocate for the Fire Protection and Fire Safety Design industries. His time in the profession has been consistently defined by a need to find better ways of working that elevate the importance of his peers’ contributions and skills. Tandm is the realisation of these pursuits.