CFE Research Seminar | Prof Christoph Buck

Exploring Digital Value Creation Mechanisms in Sports – A Framework for Embedding Machine Learning Applications

Join us for the first CFE Research Seminar for 2024 as we delve into the cutting-edge realm of digital value creation mechanisms in sports with Prof Christoph Buck. Christoph is the Professor for Entrepreneurship and IT Innovation Management at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and Adjunct Associate Professor at CFE.


Thursday 29 February 2024 | 12:00-1:00pm followed by a light lunch

QUT | Z Block, Level 7, Room Z710

Seminar abstract

Digital technology in sports can extensively support stakeholders creating value. In particular, the rule-based nature of sports and the repetition frequency of e.g., motion and training sequences as well as game situations form the basis for previously unimagined value co-creation potentials of data-based digital technologies, such as machine learning (ML), in sports. For example, Hawk-Eye technology in tennis helps co-create value by making the sport safer and fairer for athletes, endowing athletes and spectators with a stronger sense of participation, and widely eliminating disputes between spectators, athletes, and referees through information ​(Liu et al., 2022)​. In general, ML applications hold the potential of disruptive innovations of supporting players, coaches, teams, and other participants in sports ​(Host & Ivašić-Kos, 2022)​. Contrary to the rapid technological development, the adoption of these application in sports is often limping. Moreover, research focuses on creating new technological artifacts with increased performance that do not find practical use. To counteract this phenomenon and boost the creation of value through ML applications in sports, we take an integrated perspective regarding value creation of ML applications in sports (with a focus on tennis). By following the three-cycles of design-science research, encompassing the development of a technical prototype, the review of relevant literature, and evaluation interviews with experts, we contribute the SportsML Connect (SMC) framework, illustrating stakeholders, their relationships, and their interaction with the ML applications. By employing SMC, we explore the impacts of embedding ML applications on value co-creation for stakeholders. We contribute by aiding researchers in refining their technological solutions, helping practitioners comprehend their role, and providing a foundation for further research.

About Prof Buck

Christoph Buck is Professor for Entrepreneurship and IT Innovation Management at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, an adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) as well as Deputy Academic Director of the FIM Research Center for Information Management. He also works in a leading position in the Branch Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT, where he is co-heading a research group and managing the Digital Innovation Lab and the Digital Sports Lab as one of the co-founders. His research and teaching include digital transformation & innovation, digital ecosystems, digital sports & health and entrepreneurship education.