Welcome new CFE members in 2024!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members and visitors to the Centre in 2024!

Their arrival brings fresh perspectives, a treasure trove of knowledge, and an infectious enthusiasm for innovation. We are eager to learn from each new member and be inspired by their passion. A warm welcome to each one of you!


Miguel Garces

Miguel is joining the BPM (Business Process Management) Sprint Phase 3 as a Research Assistant. He comes from a Computer Science background and is currently pursuing a Master of Data Analytics at QUT, where he is about to begin his second year. Throughout his academic journey at QUT, he have developed significant technical skills in Business Process Management, and is eager to apply them to contribute effectively to this project.

Email: m.garces@qut.edu.au

Ritesh Jain

Ritesh is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Advertising, Marketing, and PR within the QUT Business School. His area of expertise is digital communications strategy with a focus on artificial intelligence powered virtual influencers, and brand spokes characters. He has worked in industry and academia for around nineteen years and led educational institutions in India as CEO and Governing Council Member.

Email: ritesh.jain@hdr.qut.edu.au


Hairong Hu

Hairong is joining the Fine Modernisation Program (FMP) as a Research Assistant. She is currently a PhD candidate in Economics at QUT and has recently submitted her thesis for external examination. Her research focuses on experimental studies, policy evaluation, and labour economics. Hairong is particularly interested in the various factors that may influence behavioral preferences and decision-making. Her thesis evaluates three different policies aimed at promoting ethnic equity in hiring decisions and performance evaluations through online experiments. Throughout her academic journey at QUT, Hairong has developed significant technical and research skills applicable in both academia and industry, and is eager to apply these skills to contribute effectively to this project.

Email: hairong.hu@hdr.qut.edu.au 


Marvin Fox

Throughout his career, Marvin has championed the importance of enterprise skills growth and development. With a background in International Business, Marvin has built a career in business and education in China and Japan. He has worked in marketing, advertising and promotions for JLL, Pacific Highway Marketing and later for UNSW in Sydney. Marvin is currently a Design Sprint Facilitator at CFE, working with a team of researchers and specialists to deliver digital solutions for industry clients.

Email: m.fox@qut.edu.au

Isobel Jones

Isobel is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Engineerying (Honours) within QUT’s Faculty of Engineering. Isobel is also working as a Design Sprint Facilitator at CFE.

Email: i7.jones@qut.edu.au

Risa Hemtasilpa

Risa is also working within the Sprint team as a Design Sprint Facilitator at CFE.

Email: r.hemtasilpa@qut.edu.au

Alexander Staay

Alexander is visiting from Germany. He is a computer science student and is finishing off his master’s degree by writing his final thesis here at QUT. For his thesis, he is building a framework that guides the design process of trustworthy AI-as-a-service products. Alexander is using a design science approach in which he combines existing literature about trustworthy cloud services and trustworthy AI with insights from expert interviews with AI service providers and users.

Email: alexander.staay@tu-dortmund.de