Youth Research Forum Hackathon kicks off this weekend!

Solving Future Food Supply Chain Challenges

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This weekend (8-10 Sept 2023), Innovation Central Brisbane (ICB) is excited to kick off the Semester 2 Youth Research Forum (YRF), a program delivered in partnership with Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science.

The event challenges students to use technology to unlock sustainable supply chains for future food by 2040 – and with over 100 QUT students already registered, the program is set to be an exciting and empowering event for the next generation of innovators!

The YRF has chosen a timely topic for its Semester 2 challenge – sustainable food supply chains. Currently, one-third of the world’s food goes to waste, meaning millions of people are left hungry. To ensure a secure and sustainable food future, food production and distribution must become more efficient, resilient, and environmentally friendly. The Hackathon seeks to inspire students to take on this challenge using technological innovation.

However, the YRF is not just about coming up with ideas. Teams will receive $10,000 each to build working digital prototypes of their concepts. With this funding students will have the resources to create sustainable food supply chains that connect producers, distributors, and consumers efficiently and equitably. They will also learn how to master the latest digital tools and technologies, such as AI, IoT, and blockchain, to develop their ideas.

The YRF is a testament to Queensland Government’s and ICB’s commitment to nurturing and empowering future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs. Students will have the opportunity to work with like-minded peers from across multiple disciplines, including science, engineering, and business. They will also be mentored by experts from QUT and ICB, who will provide them with guidance and support throughout the program. As an added bonus, students will be inspired by Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail Dr Nadine Ostern and Cisco Meraki APAC Regional Director, Paul Suhr, Queensland lead Sam Lloyd-Green, and Cisco Global Retail Executive Director Mark Scanlan at this weekend’s Hackathon. Students will gain valuable skills, experience, and networks that will enable them to pursue their careers and goals with greater confidence and success.

Where and when

  • Hackathon Kick Off | 4pm-5pm, Friday 8 Sept in ICB
  • Pitch to Win | 2pm-4pm Sunday 10 Sept in ICB
  • Prototype Showcase | 4:30pm-6pm, Tues 21 November in ICB (more info to come)

NB: ICB is located on the Ground Floor of the QUT Gardens Point Library

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