Can governments convince the public to trust them on AI use?

A research report has set out how governments could build public trust in AI service delivery in the face of declining trust in governments across the world.

  • Worldwide decline in public’s trust in governments
  • Report suggests public willing to trust AI with humans in the loop
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous AI has limited support when it comes to delivering public services
  • Six recommendations regarding public input at design, deployment and access to recourse

QUT Business School Professor Kevin Desouza and Dr Gregory Dawson from Arizona State University, outlined key trust-building measures in AI use in a research report for the IBM Center for The Business of Government, in the face of worldwide waning of trust in governments.

Professor Desouza (pictured above) said trust in government in general had seen a steady decline over the past few years, including in Australia where 55 per cent of people said their default was to distrust something until they saw evidence of its trustworthiness.

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