Youth Research Forum Prototype Showcase

Empowering youth to set priorities and undertake research projects that matter to them

Prototype Showcase | 29 June 2023

Innovation Central Brisbane (ICB) played host to the second Youth Research Forum (YRF) Prototype Showcase – and witnessing students’ creativity and ingenuity was nothing short of remarkable!

Answering the provocation, How might technology facilitate or advance new value in healthy food systems by 2040?, students’ prototypes focused on designing for future food – food innovations that are human-friendly and carbon neutral – and each team provided a glimpse into the future by demonstrating how technology can be used to solve important problems facing society today. QUT Council also stopped by for an up-close look at students’ prototypes ahead of the official showcase.

Congratulations to the three winning student teams! Taylah, Olivia and Kaitlyn showcased Hey Carta, an app that provides personalised food, recipe and meal plans customised to users’ needs. Santiago and Alex showed guests how to grow their own hydroponic produce with the help of nutrient film techniques and a real-time web app, InGrowFinally, Erin explained how her team’s online marketplace, GoodWaste has the potential to significantly reduce food waste by leveraging technology to extend the value chain of food. Well done students!

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