Academic Publications

  • You can have your cake and eat it too: Embracing paradox of safety as source of progress in safety science, by Xiaowen Hu, Tristan Casey, Mark Griffin Read publication here
  • Identifying and managing persisting tensions affecting strategic learning from projects by Anna Wiewiora Read publication here
  • Customer heterogeneity and innovation-based competitive strategy: A review, synthesis, and research agenda by Amali Wijekoon, Sandeep Salunke, Gerard A. Athaide Read publication here
  • Complex Adaptive Systems Theory in InformationSystems Research- A Systematic Literature Review by Mohammad F.A Onix, Erwin Fielt, Guy G. Gable  Read publication here
  • Surfacing and responding paradoxes in megascale projects by Anna Wiewiora, Kevin Desouza Read publication here