Trust Projects

Trust Measure

Project lead: Prof Michael Rosemann


We explore effective trust measures, their root causes, and related effects on organisational performance to determine when trust matters. Furthermore, we examine how these measures can be aligned with the strategic objectives in different contexts to facilitate proactive trust management.

Trust Design

Project lead: A/Prof Tyge Kummer


The research focuses on trust development in different contexts and time horizons, from the rapid trust development in seconds to long-term initiatives that last over years or decades. We investigate the information processing that leads to trust and the influence of personality traits on the perception of trust signals.

Trust Governance

Project Lead: Dr Adela Drozdibob


The research on Trust Governance focuses on the way trust between consumers and organisations is governed, especially observing the role of Chief Trust Officers (CTOs). We examine how CTOs see trust and which elements of trust are taken into account in the strategies of global corporations.