Research Team

Team Leader


  • Mohsina Akter

    Mohsina Akter focuses on trust measures, particularly measuring investors’ trust and develops an investor-trust dashboard.

  • Associate Professor Wasana Bandara

    Trust Benevolence Research

  • Ms Lauren Fell

    Quantum Trust: Applying Quantum Theory to Holistic and Analytic Trust Decisions | Lauren Fell's primary research focus is in the area of intuitive trust, particularly in cases where trust decisions cannot be explained by models that assume that humans act rationally. She applies her research in areas of trust in AI, information, and space-related contexts.

  • Professor Peter Green

  • Professor Sarah Kelly

    Experienced commercial lawyer and non-executive director across sport, tourism, technology, and professional services sectors

  • Associate Professor Tyge Kummer

    A/Prof Tyge Kummer investigates judgment and decision making under uncertainty. His current research focuses on the measurement and the design of trust as well as the related organisational implications.

  • Jill Lovell

    PhD Candidate | Can you hear us now? Empowering beneficiary voices through culturally responsive accountability.

  • Dr Alireza Nili

    Dr Alireza's research bridges the gap between user behaviour research, trust, and information systems design in order to design effective digital services and facilitate gaining user trust in the services.

  • Dr Nadine Ostern

    Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail

  • Ryan Payne

  • Dr Ellen Tyquin

    Dr Ellen Tyquin studies stakeholder trust and distrust of organisations and industries facing complex, real-world problems. She uses this knowledge to guide strategic communication decisions that aim to create, sustain, and repair stakeholder relationships.

  • Marleen Voss

    Marleen Voss has a degree in the engineering sciences and works as a researcher on the use of artificial intelligence in sales. In this context, she focuses on how trust in technologies/AI can be designed