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THE TRUST EXPERIENCE (TX) Industry Leaders Thought Leadership Series

presented by QUT and Cisco as part of the Trust Management Research Partnership.


QUT Faculty of Business & Law Executive Dean, Professor Amanda Gudmundsson & Cisco Queensland Regional Manager, Mr Terry Weber invite you to join the business leaders’ white paper launch of the ‘The Benevolent Enterprise’ 

Wednesday, 19 April 2023. 5:15PM-8PM at Room Three Sixty, QUT Gardens Point, 2 George Street, Brisbane



Brisbane Trust Alliance

Founded in late 2021, the Brisbane Trust Alliance is a community of professionals dedicated to jointly gaining a better understanding of trust, its various antecedents and implications, as well as how organisations successfully designed and benefitted from trust. The Alliance members come from industries such as healthcare, government, banking, utilities, retail, technology, consulting and others and meet once the months at QUT’s Innovation Central Brisbane.


Trusted Retail Lab

As part of Innovation Central Brisbane (ICB) and in partnership with Cisco, we are home to a unique Trusted Retail Lab. This nationally unique facility simulates a retail environment that is ahead of the state-of-the-art in terms of its deployment of advanced technologies such as advanced video analytics and sensing capabilities. This Lab allows us to study the extent to which new retail technologies create new trust opportunities and concerns and in related experiments, our members collect valuable data for their projects. Beyond its use as a research facility, this Lab is an attractive space for visitors who would like to make first-hand experiences with the future of trusted retail interactions.


Our podcast series TRUSTCast features interviews with inspirational trust professionals, often Chief Trust Officers, who provide compelling insights into what it means to manage and govern trust at scale in competitive environments.



Trust Symposium

We host an annual Trust Symposium in November each year, not just to showcase our research outcomes each year, but also to facilitate conversations among all our internal and external stakeholders, to provide stage time to those academics and professionals who inspire and educate us, and to align expectations regarding those areas that deserve our attention in the year ahead.