NFTs – do customers perceive value? Presentation by Dr Paula Dootson

As technologies intersect to form new product and service offerings, organisations need to adopt and market test them to assess if the product or service will deliver value to customers, creating new opportunities for revenue and engagement, and reducing opportunities for deviant consumer behaviour. One example of this is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Gartner (2022) Hype Cycle has NFTs at the peak of inflated expectations now, with it predicted to reach mainstream adoption in the next two to five years. To support organisations with their decision to (not) invest in emerging innovative products and services, this research project aims to examine the extent to which consumers perceive value in NFTs, in which use cases value is perceived, and what types of value drive adoption and use of NFTs. The mixed-method research design will involve three points of data collection over three years. The goal is to develop a standardised mechanism for tracking consumer perceived value to test on other emerging innovations that are being market tested but have not yet reached industry-wide adoption. Future, and parallel, research opportunities are also discussed.

If you missed the presentation, see the recording below: