We're hiring: 4 new Postdoctoral Research Fellows

The Centre for Future Enterprise is seeking to appoint four Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Level A) to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team in one of four Signature Projects (SP) within CFE.


The four SPs are the pillars of CFE’s research strategy. As new initiatives, each SP is made up of a significant team of multi-disciplinary researchers dedicated to contemporary research questions and global research and industry impact. The assumption is that a well-defined focus and strong synergies will boost research effectiveness and efficiency. The successful applicants will become core members of the research team and benefit from early access to data, theories, models and external partners.

The candidates appointed to these positions will be expected to be proactive and curious early-career researchers with a growing track record and expertise in qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods studies. We seek ambitious individuals looking for career growth, eager to advance their research and industry engagement skills who are collegial and thrive as part of energetic research teams.

There is an expectation that the successful applicants will have the ambition and potential to work on and submit a competitive Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) application. Comprehensive mentoring support will be provided for this.

Each SP has a specific research question, a defined action plan, deliverables and a committed, mutually supportive team.

The four Signature Project research topics are as follows:

SP 1: Transformative Governance

Enterprises will have to transform their governance to thrive in the future, and their future transformations need to be well governed. Led by Dr Char-lee Moyle and mentored by Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, the team explores the research question: What governance models and decision-making mechanisms will future enterprises require?

SP 2: Enfranchised Enterprises

The future enterprise needs to play a role in enfranchising communities. Co-led by A/Prof Artemis Chang and Dr Wasana Bandara, mentored by Professor Kevin Desouza, the research question is: What is the role and function of future enterprises in addressing socio-economic enfranchisement?

SP3: Agile Trust

Trust has become a primary concern for the future enterprise, but there is a limited body of knowledge on how to professionalise the management of trust. Co-led by A/Prof Amisha Mehta, A/Prof Tyge Kummer, and Louise Baldwin, this SP is mentored by Professor Michael Rosemann and addresses the question of How can agile trust be integrated into future enterprises?

SP4: External Enablement

The future enterprise is exposed to an opportunity-rich set of external enablers, incl. technologies, business models, mega trends, etc. However, there is limited guidance on how to benefit from these enablers or insights into the process of enablement. Co-led by Dr Erwin Fielt and Professor Martin Obschonka, mentored by Professor Per Davidsson, this SP explores How can the future enterprise benefit from external enablers through impactful entrepreneurship and innovation?

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