An Open Letter from Centre for Future Enterprise Director Professor Michael Rosemann


Dear partners and researchers,

Nurturing a close partnership with external partners is at the core of Centre for Future Enterprise purpose.

The related benefits for our researchers are obvious and comprise:
(1) Inspiration –  we build an early awareness for exciting research questions
(2) Insight – we gain access to authentic empirical evidence
(3) Income – we create an important channel to resource and scale our research
(4) Impact – our researchers have a chance to influence real-world policies and practices.

However, a mutually valuable partnership requires equally a sound understanding and appreciation for our partner’s benefits. The ‘Return on Research’ (RoR) includes qualitative and quantitative measures, and here are a few of the main motivators for collaborating with CFE.

Many of our partners value that working with a scientific organisation helps their organisation to first, develop an evidence-based mindset in which ‘I know’ and not ‘I believe’ matters.

Second, today’s opportunity-rich environment means that many organisations ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. Awareness for future oriented research helps our partners to access broader design spaces and have a wider availability of options. For example, in our brand new partnership with Cisco we will make research on trust management accessible to retailers in Asia-Pacific.

Third, talent management is quickly becoming an ever more important success factors, in particular as fast paced change depreciates the values of experiences. Via CFE our partners access a comprehensive pool of students with high technology literacy.

Fourth, many of the artefacts resulting from our research can be used immediately and with tangible benefits by our industry partners. This ranges from policy proposals to survey outcomes, from frameworks, models and techniques to roadmaps, strategic and governance advice. Besides the uniqueness of these artefacts, CFE’s research efficiency and established industry partnership principles ensure a cost-effective investment for our partners.

We will only be able to approach the intellectual challenges and opportunities of future real-worlds together with our external partners, and a mutual awareness for each other’s goals and success measures is at the core of successful, long lasting partnerships.