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Prof. Rob Perrons presents to United Nations on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Resource Management

Last week QUT Business School of Management Professor Rob Perrons delivered a webinar to the United Nations on artificial intelligence and natural resource management. A member of the UN’s Expert Group on Resources and Management, Prof. Perrons was due to present this keynote live in Geneva at the United Nations following the receipt of…

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Tracing the Linkages Between Scientific Research and Energy Innovations: A Comparison of Clean and Dirty Technologies I E-Future Enterprise Forum

11am, Friday 11 September, 2020 online, register for link Presented by Digital Enterprise member, Dr Rob Perrons Abstract Despite the urgent case for bringing new energy technologies to the marketplace, the delivery of these innovations has been frustratingly slow, often taking several decades to develop even the most promising ideas…

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What is the future for the automotive industry? Find out at The Future of… Global Leaders webinar

You are invited to join CFE’s The Future of…Global Leaders Series  How the automotive industry is changing with self-driving, electric, shared, connected cars  presented by Mario Herger, CEO & Founder, Enterprise Garage Consultancy, Silicon Valley 12noon, 20 August 2020 Register here ABSTRACT The combined effect of autonomous driving…

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Prof Desouza & PhD student published in Brookings

Centre for Future Enterprise PhD student Samar Fatima, together with supervisor and Robust Enterprise Theme Leader, Professor Kevin Desouza recently had their co-authored article published in Brookings exploring artificial intelligence in government. Desouza and Fatima conducted an assessment of 34 Government’s AI strategic plans…

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SoilCyclers gives soil a second chance

Soil recycling may be an overlooked player in the quest for sustainable business practices, but it’s one of the most important. We talk to Founder and Managing Director of SoilCyclers, Alison Price.  

Uber regional general manager addresses QUT forum

Uber’s air travel service and autonomous and electric cars may have been put on the backburner thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but these concepts are still very much at the forefront of the ride sharer’s future.

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Envisioning and testing future enterprises

In the currently turbulent and increasingly opportunity-rich world, CEOs, policy makers, nonprofit leaders, start-up founders, governments and executives require new enterprise capabilities. 

Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) partners with enterprises of all sizes to design and test possible futures enterprises to progress economic and social well-being now and into the future.  

Working with large incumbents to emerging start-ups, internationally listed corporations, to governments and regional nonprofit charity, CFE helps current and future leaders navigate a fast-emerging new world, differentiating necessity from distracting noise. 

 CFE research focuses on four themes and the nexus between these themes:  

  • Entrepreneurial enterprise
  • Digital enterprise
  • Social-purpose enterprise
  • Robust enterprise

One of nine University Research Centres dedicated to drive the strategic priorities of QUT, CFE is the only tier one research centre within QUT ‘s Business School, Australia’s first triple crown accredited business facultyCFE draws together the knowledge and expertise of three tier two QUT faculty research centres with world-leading business management academics: including the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research; the Centre for the Digital Economy; and the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies.