Provide capabilities that matter for future enterprises

Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) is a transdisciplinary university research centre dedicated to designing and testing possible future enterprises to progress economic and social wellbeing now and into the future.

Future Enterprise research inspires, informs and enables navigation in a fast-emerging new world, differentiating essential requirements from distracting noise. Based on the fundamental hypothesis that an increasingly opportunity-rich environment will require new enterprise capabilities, CFE research focuses on three themes and the nexus between these:

About Centre for Future Enterprise

The Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) is one of QUT’s 12 tier 1 research centres consolidating research expertise across five faculties. CFE is investing its research capacity into the purpose of providing ca- pabilities that matter for future enterprises. The focus is on those emerging attributes of organisations, and their leaders, that have not seen sufficient professionalisa- tion. Dedicated to demand-driven, rigorous research exploring and testing pos- sible futures for enterprises of all sizes ranging from large incumbents to emerging start-ups, from the internationally listed corporation to the regional nonprofit charity, CFE works closely with industry partners across various sectors.

CFE’s research capability is bundled in ‘The Lab’ which builds scientific and re- search management capabilities for CFE members to conduct not just rigorous, real-world research, but also to build the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets for effec- tive and efficient research processes.

‘The Hub’ is CFE’s industry engagement centre. Called Innovation Central Brisbane (ICB) and headed by Mrs Gemma Alker, ICB is an open innovation hub that connects students, researchers and industry with global technology giant Cisco with a purpose to accelerate digital transformation and skills through rapid prototyping projects. Embedded in Cisco’s National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN) and is CFE’s one-stop engagement point.

A key value proposition is the engagement of multidisciplinary coursework students in industry-funded projects providing development capacity which meaningfully extends CFE’s research.