Women in planning

Women in planning

Dr Deanna Grant-Smith is a Committee Member for The Women in Planning Symposium which was held on Thursday 29th September, 2016 at The Shore Restaurant (South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland).

This symposium emerges out of a longstanding interest into the role and stories of leading female researchers and professionals working in the planning discipline. For much of its history as a profession, planning in Australia has been dominated by (white) men, and we are interested in the experiences of women and other marginalised groups in planning practice and education.

The Women [in] Planning Symposium builds on a Women in Planning conference held in 1993 which addressed the need to change the masculine bias of the planning discipline. Very little work has been done in this space since this conference, and planning for equity and inclusion remains a challenge. Despite the passing of more than two decades since this conference, planning education and practice has yet to effectively mainstream consideration of the needs of marginalised groups, particularly women, and has rarely grappled with intersectionality as a fundamental planning concern.

This symposium provided a space in which leading female researchers and professionals could share their experiences, and discuss issues they believe are faced by women and members of minority groups in planning and in cities. It also offered the opportunity for practitioners, academics, and students to share strategies they have used to address inequity both within their professional working environment, and in the towns, cities, and regions they research, plan for and live in. The symposium will inform research outputs which will reflect on how far (or not) the planning discipline has come since the 1993 conference, and outline a trajectory for change.

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