Unpaid work experience in Australia

Paula McDonald, with colleagues from the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Adelaide, published a report from a project commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Employment, titled Unpaid work experience in Australia: Prevalence, nature and impact.

The research comprised a nationally representative online survey of working-age Australians to examine, for the first time, the prevalence of UWE in Australia, the characteristics of UWE placements and participants, the experiences of UWE participants, and the self-reported impact of UWE on employment outcomes.

A follow up article was published in The ConversationUnpaid work experience is widespread but some are missing out: new study”. The study, including the lawfulness of unpaid work, was also reported in The Age, the SMH, Workplace Express, Radio National, Smart Company, Arts Hub, The New Daily, SBS, ABC radio (SA, WA, NSW), Radio National and Triple J Hack. Paula participated in a panel interview on RN Drive on Tuesday 24 January, 2017.

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