Suemay Arif

    Suemay currently holds a scholarship from QUT to undertake her PhD research at the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. Her research interests are strategic employee behaviours, internal communication and employee engagement in organisational contexts. The main objectives of her study are to understand the attributes of a strategic subordinate and how they can be influenced by internal communication and employee engagement. Using a mixed methods research approach, she will investigate employees’ perceptions and understanding on the attributes of a strategic employee in a public organisation in Malaysia. She believes the findings of this research are key to guide both organisations and employees on how communication and engagement can support the enactment of a strategic employee. She holds a Bachelor of Honours in TESL from University of Exeter, England and a Master degree in Corporate Communication from University Putra Malaysia. Previously, she worked as an English language officer in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

    Centre Supervisor: Kim Johnston