Dr Kylie Kingston

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Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law

PhD(Accountancy) (Queensland University of Technology), Masters of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), Masters of Business (Queensland University of Technology)

Kylie is a lecturer and early career researcher within the School of Accountancy. Her research focuses on exploring ways to improve social and organisational conditions for marginalised people and stakeholder groups. Kylie integrates critical perspectives on accounting, accountability, evaluation and participation, into organisational practices and policies. She was a recipient of the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award for 2022.

Kylie's research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. She has a 20-year background working in diverse educational settings and engages in research that spans accounting, accountability, evaluation, ethics, trust and education.

Kylie teaches across accounting research, financial literacy, and evaluation topics.

Kylie's industry experience spans education, arts, agriculture and advocacy organisations and includes volunteering, management, financial, governance and board positions.

Kylie is a member of the School of Accountancy's Accounting for Social Change research group and currently holds two journal editorial positions being Social Media Editor for the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal and Accounting Forum.

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