Judith Newton

    Judith is a PhD candidate in the School of Justice at Queensland University of Technology. Judith’s research focuses on the role Facebook plays in engaging individual activism beyond slacktivism in fighting forced labour. Her study examines how activists interact with Facebook posts on modern slavery and forced labour and whether this interaction is indicative of their interest and engagement with the issue; the factors that influence individual participation in online and offline activism campaigns; and the limitations and obstacles faced by advocacy groups and organisations when engaging with activists via Facebook. Judith’s research synthesises research and methods from justice, digital communication, and marketing. Her research outcomes and subsequent recommendations have the potential to enhance communication and activism strategies of advocacy groups and organisations engaged in the modern slavery and forced labour space. Prior to commencing her PhD, Judith completed a Master of Arts (Research) after retiring from her position of Research Manager in the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

    Centre Supervisor: Erin O’brien