Dr Amelia Hine

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    PhD (University of Queensland), Masters of Museum Studies (University of Queensland), Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) (Queensland University of Technology)

    Amelia is an Associate Member and a member of the CRC ORE project team. Her research and practice have focused on identifying complex networks and more-than-human relationships that are shaped by and influence mine closure and landscape planning. Utilising her background in human geography, design, and museology, she has developed a highly interdisciplinary research agenda that investigates methods for recognising, understanding, and effectively communicating diverse human and more-than-human stakeholder perspectives in relation to landscape changes. Her research aims to make visible multiple pre-existing ontological realities within industrial landscapes and megaprojects, with the goal of: encouraging effective idea-sharing amongst key internal and external stakeholders; presenting possible alternative trajectories for landscape planning within individual projects; and collecting evidence for critiquing and improving existing regulatory frameworks around rehabilitation and life-of-mine planning within the Australian mining industry.