Sage Best Paper Award – Maria Hameed Khan

people with different brain activity

Congratulations to Maria Hameed Khan together with co-authors, Mirit K. Grabarski, Muhammad Ali (QUT) and Stephen Buckmaster for receiving the Sage Best Theoretical Paper Award for ‘Insights into Creating and Managing an Inclusive Neurodiverse Workplace for Positive Outcomes: A Multistaged Theoretical Framework’ in the Group & Organization Management journal.


Neurodiversity has historically been dismissed and undervalued in management and organizational studies literature. In recent times, there has been a recognition in practitioner forums about the benefits associated with neurodiversity, triggering recruitment drives to hire neurodivergent individuals. However, lack of theoretical frameworks and empirical research on workplace neurodiversity is undermining practice. We address this gap by presenting a multistage theoretical framework of managing neurodiversity premised on (a) creating a neurodiverse workplace through reconfiguring recruitment and selection; (b) fostering an inclusive workplace through careful implementation of development and engagement practices and management of perceptions of reverse discrimination; and (c) capitalizing on the benefits of an inclusive workplace, enhanced by equitable supervision, to achieve improved employee and organizational outcomes. This paper enriches the literature on managing workplace neurodiversity by offering deeper insights into barriers to employment, inclusion in the workplace, and positive outcomes of employment. Our proposed framework, derived by an integration of theories, will help managers effectively manage neurodiversity in the workplace, addressing the associated challenges. Finally, this paper lays a foundation for future research to advance knowledge on managing neurodiversity in organizations.

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