Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance is crucial for justice in work, organisations and industries

Our research interrogates institutional responses to global socioeconomic and environmental challenges. We focus on regulatory settings, stakeholder engagement and social responsibility.

Research in this theme centres on: 

Social responsibility and sustainability 

Institutional accountability and regulatory approaches


This research aligns with the UN’s 16th Sustainable Development Goal: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Current Projects:

Recent Publications:

Engaging for a Social License to Operate

Hurst, Bree, Johnston, Kim, Lane, Anne (2020) Engaging for a social licence to operate (SLO) Public Relations Review, 46 (4), pp.Article number: 101931.
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Community engagement for disaster preparedness

Ryan, Barbara, Johnston, Kim, Taylor, Maureen, McAndrew, Ryan (2020) Community engagement for disaster preparedness: A systematic literature review International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 49, pp.Article number: 101655.
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Communication with intent

Johnston, Kim, Lane, Anne (2020) Communication with intent: A typology of communicative interaction in engagement Public Relations Review, pp.Article number: 101925 1-9.
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Emergency management communication

Johnston, Kim, Taylor, Maureen, Ryan, Barbara (2020) Emergency management communication: The paradox of the positive in public communication for preparedness Public Relations Review, 46 (2), pp.Article number: 101903 1-10.
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The missing link in emergency management

Taylor, Maureen, Ryan, Barbara, Johnston, Kim A (2020) The missing link in emergency management: evaluating community engagement Australian Journal of Emergency Management, 35 (1), pp.45-52.
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Tapping into new power

Herbst, Judith, Grant-Smith, Deanna, Tan, Tay Keong, Gudic, Milenko, Flynn, Patricia M. (2020) Tapping into new power: Opportunities and challenges for growing community renewable energy Struggles and Successes in the Pursuit of Sustainable Development, Principles for Responsible Management series, pp.57-69.
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    Young men’s sports betting assemblages

    Waitt, Gordon, Cahill, Hayden, Gordon, Ross (2020) Young men’s sports betting assemblages: Masculinities, homosociality and risky places Social and Cultural Geography.
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    Social marketing comes of age

    Kassirer, Jay, Lefebvre, R., Morgan, Winthrop, Russell-Bennett, Rebekah, Gordon, Ross, French, Jeff, Suggs, L. Suzanne, Lee, Nancy, Biroscak, Brian (2019) Social marketing comes of age: A brief history of the community of practice, profession, and related associations, with recommendations for future growth Social Marketing Quarterly, 25 (3), pp.209-225.
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    Gambling as social practice

    Gordon, Ross, Reith, Gerda (2019) Gambling as social practice: A complementary approach for reducing harm? Harm Reduction Journal, 16, pp.Article number: 64.
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