Research Engagement

The Centre for Decent Work & Industry actively engages with industry, government departments, non-government organisations and the broader community by pursuing meaningful partnerships in our research, and disseminating research findings through keynotes, invited presentations and seminars, and conference presentations. Below are some examples of these engagement activities:

Collaborating and Connecting with Indigenous Businesses


QUT is committed to Indigenous Australian engagement, success and empowerment as well as improving the life expectancy and social and economic development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Australia wide. Delivering on that commitment, the QUT Business School have been collaborating with Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA). The  Centre for Decent Work and Industry has provided operational and financial support for this initiative.

Centre for Decent Work and Industry Seminars 2020

CDWI Webinar Series – The Promises and Pitfalls of Working and Teaching Remotely:

On May 15, 2020 “The private realities of working from home” was facilitated by Centre Associate Director Deanna Grant-Smith, with presentations by Centre members Ross Gordon, Penny Williams and Robyn Mayes. This seminar presented the less often discussed realities of working from home: domestic violence, gambling behaviour and alcohol use; flexibility and job creep; and negotiating the division of labour in the home.   

On May 1, 2020 “The risks and rewards of online teaching” was facilitated by Centre Director Robyn Mayes, with presentations by Centre members  Paula McDonald, Kerrie Sadiq and Bernd Irmer.  The seminar discussed tax deductibility of work from home expenses; dealing with online sexual harassment; and remotely supporting a teaching team

Other Seminars:

On January 30, 2020 “Sustaining Global Industries in Turbulent Times” was facilitated by Centre Director Robyn Mayes, with presentations by Centre member Bree Hurst, Centre HDR student Bernadetta Devi, and Kevin Sanson from the Creative Industries school. The seminar explored the overlapping roles and responsibilities of business, government and society in the face of global environmental and societal challenges; the significance of logistical and serviceoriented work to ensuring Hollywood maintains its global scale; and how businesses and governments in the mining sector in Indonesia are addressing global social and environmental concerns.

Keynotes, Seminars & Presentations 2020

  • Abby Cathcart: Active Learning and Inclusive Education? Invited Seminar. Southest Jiaotong University, China, July 2020
  • Robyn Mayes: Critical Research and the Use of Theory, Research Support Office Seminar, QUT, July 14 2020
  • Robyn Mayes: What can we learn from George Floyd’s death, and what role can data science play in this? Data Science in the News Webinar, invited panel member, Centre for Data Science, and Carumba Institute, June 2020
  • Abby Cathcart: A global academy of university educators? Reflections on Australia’s engagement with the Professional Standards Framework. Invited Seminar, University of Newcastle Faculty of Business and Law, 22 May 2020
  • Kim Johnston: Building Skills for Industry and Commercial Research, Research Support Office Seminar, QUT, 8 May 2020
  • Ross Gordon:Beyond COVID-19: An invitation to innovate. Australian Association of Social Marketing Webinar. Co-Host, Webinar, May 2020
  • Ross Gordon: Ask our Experts Live Q&A: Guidance for Social Marketing Practitioners During COVID-19. International Social Marketing Association Webinar. Invited Panellist, Webinar, May 2020
  • Ross Gordon: Violence of and in the Market. Invited Presentation, QUT Centre for Justice Lightning Talks Series, Webinar, May 2020
  • Paula McDonald: Hitching your ideas to the ARC wagon. Research Support Office Seminar, QUT,April 2020
  • Abby Cathcart:Asia-Pacific engagement with the Professional Standards Framework, Invited Showcase, American Association of Universities and Colleges Annual Meeting, Atlanta Georgi, March, 2020
  • Abby Cathcart: Global engagement with the PSF. Invited Presentation. Utah Valley University, Woodbury School of Business, 5 March 2020
  • Abby Cathcart: Teaching Credentials. Invited presentation, Utah System of Higher Education, USA, 3 March 2020
  • Paula McDonald: consulted to the United Nations World Food Program based in Rome, Italy, to advise on research and organisational responses to their review of abusive behaviours, February 2020.  
  • Ross Gordon: Grants for CCT Research. RMIT University 3rd Annual CCT Workshop: Facing the Screen- Emerging technologies, sharing and consumer interfaces. RMIT School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, Melbourne, February 2020
  • Paula McDonald: participated in a policy workshop to examine aspects of industrial relations in the aged care sector, hosted by Peter Rozen QC, Senior Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Melbourne, February 2020.  

Authored Media 2020

For more articles, please see individual staff profiles on the Team page.

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