Our Research

Our Centre members work within and across three broad programs enabling comprehensive and authoritative research across the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities for decent work and industry. Our research programs consist of:

Sustainable transitions

Sustainable transitions to decent work involve equity of access to and participation in quality education and work experience. Our research problematises employability and employment outcomes and examines the impacts of labour market conditions, employer perspectives, changing industry requirements and the policy environment. Research in this program is built around three subprograms: Access; Experience; and Employability.

Work and Employment

Work and employment are central to social and economic wellbeing. This program highlights socioeconomic, cultural and gendered dimensions of work and employment. Our research examines the lived experiences of paid, unpaid and unwaged work in both private and public spheres. Research in this program is concentrated around three subprograms: Equality; Mobility; and Technology.

Responsible governance

Responsible governance underpins socially-just work and industry. Our research interrogates institutional responses to global socioeconomic and environmental challenges focusing on regulatory settings, stakeholder engagement and social responsibility. Research in this program centres on three key subprograms of work: Sustainability; Engagement; and Accountability.