Youth Wages and Conditions: An International Perspective

Funded by UNICEF, this project provided an overview of the published international literature concerning issues faced by young workers. It firstly mapped existing literature that addresses youth wage structures in several industrialised countries where such systems exist: Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, and The Netherlands. Secondly, the project reviewed the broader international literature concerning youth employment, summarising issues of current concern including breaches of International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions 138 and 182 on child labour; work/study balance; working hours, conditions and pay; workplace sexual harassment; health and safety; and opportunities for collective representation.

The research informed UNICEF Australia’s organisational priorities and agendas around youth employment.


  • McDonald, Paula (2018) How ‘flexible’ are careers in the anticipated life course of young people? Human Relations, 71 (1), pp.23-46.