Digital Work Practices: Where are the jobs, what are they, and how prepared are graduates?

This collaborative project involving QUT, RMIT and UTS focuses on preparing graduates for digital work and how to embed this in the curriculum. Scaffolding learning experiences with students and educators using an interdisciplinary co-design process with industry, in addition to change strategies, delivers learning outcomes that prepare students for future employment. There are three drivers for the project: 1) lower employment levels in Melbourne than Sydney and Brisbane for recent graduates in Creative Arts, Communications, Business & Management, and Engineering, which may be indicative of changing industry needs; 2) the desire for ATN graduates to be leaders in the field, able to work creatively and collaboratively in the digital space; and 3) a need to re-imagine pedagogy across disciplines to support digital work readiness and inform future-oriented curriculum.

Project members: Fiona Paterson (Project Leader RMIT), Abby Cathcart (Institutional lead QUT), Peter Fray (Institutional lead UTS)